D E C A D E S  O F  E X P E R I E N C E  B E H I N D  A  T R U S T E D  N A M E

Ayoob Kaka Attorneys is a group of talented individuals who have formed a unique, dedicated law firm with one of South Africa’s leading lawyers at the helm, founder, Ayoob Kaka. Additional cutting edge, modern and client oriented attorneys include Louw-Mari Nell, former prosecutor for the state Sabeeha Kaka and Ebrahim Kaka. Together, our attorneys have decades of proven experience.

Our aim at Ayoob Kaka Attorneys is to advance and protect the interests of our clients facing difficult economic, professional and personal challenges with many of our client relationships continuing for decades.

We offer flexibility in our services depending on client needs and our understanding of their organisation. We are results focused and committed to service excellence for our clients. We do this by providing a depth and breadth of legal knowledge and expertise which is both effective and efficient.

Our clients include professionals, government employees, small businesses, blue-collar workers and national corporations. Our objective is to work closely with all of our clients, identifying and prioritising their goals and providing legal solutions uniquely suited to achieving these goals.

We want our clients to see us not just as a source of legal advice and counsel, but as an integral and ongoing part of achieving and maintaining their success